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Explore stories about our Founding Fathers and the lives of extraordinary Americans from history. Read about individuals today who epitomize achievement, creativity, and enterprise. Get to know made-in-America brands and the stories behind how classic movies, music, and other icons of American popular culture were created. Experience the best of America.
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Why Do We Publish American Essence?

America was built on founding principles encompassing religious freedom and tolerance. Successive waves of peoples have since thrived on our shores. Furthermore, our country derives its strength from its God-bestowed blessings. A fresco painted inside the U.S. Capitol dome reveals a fascinating scene, where the painter has artfully allegorized six areas in which we have led the world: freedom, science, maritime trade, commerce, mechanics, and agriculture. America’s bold, innovative leadership has forged a nation unlike any other in history.

Why do we publish American Essence? To remind us to be proud of our country’s legacy—one that continues to ripple around the world.

What's covered in American Essence?

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American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
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American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence
American Essence

Discover the best of the American spirit.

Save $60 Now (40% off)
$150 $90/year (6 issues)
*Full-price subscriptions are based on the retail price of $25 per issue. All magazine subscriptions will be renewed automatically. Cancel Anytime.
American Essence

What readers are saying:

I was struck by how well written the articles are, ... and how well they contribute to civic education. Most people have no idea of the rich tradition ... they’ve inherited. American Essence reminds them of that in a very spectacular way.
- Historian, Victor Davis Hanson
American Essense is a breath of fresh air! The positivity it contains and the stories of Americans and their contributions to our great country is invaluable at a time such as this. It's beautifully designed and is always inspiring to look at!I love getting a ‘real’ magazine in my mailbox.
- Photographer, Victoria Pearson
It not only is a blessing and joy to me, but it enables me to share with my children and grandchildren its art and pedagogy to help ensure that the greatness of America is understood, honored, and propagated by the next generation.
- Lawyer, Stephen M. Moran
The most beautiful, relaxing and informative magazine I've ever read. ... This magazine has it all. The only magazine I never throw away.
- Reader, Wendy Goodnight
American Essence is a high-quality publication and our favorite gift to share with everyone in our family, regardless of their political affiliation. … As a mother of five children I have very little time to sit and read, but reading this magazine feels like a worthy investment of my precious time…
- Reader, Elizabeth Peterson
In a world filled with a daily negative news cycle, American Essence is optimistic, inspiring, and a much-needed reminder of all that is good in our country. The abundance of beauty between the covers is truly a gift to readers.
- Reader, Nancy Martinez
Your magazine gives me chills when I read it, the kind I feel when I salute our flag. It inspires unity, with good old fashioned common sense stories about people keeping their faith in liberty.
- Reader, Kellee Scammell
Wanted to support your publication as it represents what is missing in the media; integrity, moral standards, and positivity. A wonderful "read" that will be shared historically in the future with family and friends. Image great grandchildren reading and learning from American Essence in years to come.
- Reader, Jane Bush
We need publications that highlight the diversity and creativity that life in America affords. I thought the first edition of American Essence was beautifully written and presented. I plan to buy several gift subscriptions for family members.
- Reader, Kari Wszolek
American Essence is the most intellectually stimulating publication I have discovered.
- Reader, Tom Miklik
The magazine is a joy to read. The pieces are well written and I've learned something from every article that I've read. I read each issue cover to cover. American Essence is a truly exceptional publication.
- Reader, Everett Campbell
The stories are beautiful, real down to earth. Great stories about real people living the American dream and of those who make that possible.
- Reader, Gloria Davenport

Preview our latest edition:

In This Edition...

Let Freedom Ring
We celebrate America's enduring legacy of freedom and resilience, rooted in acts of generosity and hope.

Past Profiles

American Essence
Lidia Bastianich:
Lidia Bastianich is renowned in the culinary world for her exceptional talents as a chef, restaurateur, TV personality, and author. A winner of the James Beard and Emmy Awards, Ms. Bastianich has shaped the way Americans perceive and enjoy Italian cuisine. With her warm and inviting nature, she is bringing people and communities closer together one delicious dish at a time.
American Essence
Mike Rowe:
Mike Rowe is an iconic figure in American television. He has captivated audiences for nearly two decades with his unvarnished portrayal of demanding and often grimy professions. As the host of "Dirty Jobs," Rowe offered viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the world of essential yet often overlooked occupations.
American Essence
Dennis Quaid:
Dennis Quaid, a celebrated actor and singer-songwriter, is well-known for his captivating performances in a wide range of films. With a prolific career spanning over 70 movies, Quaid's charismatic presence left an enduring mark in the entertainment industry. Quaid recently released his long-anticipated album, "Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners," a project that was 30 years in the making.
American Essence
Alina Morse:
Alina Morse, the CEO of Zolli Candy, pioneered the company at just nine years old. She created a delectable and diverse line of sugar-free candies and launched the Million Smiles Initiative to promote oral health and give back to society. 
American Essence
Steve Case:
American businessman, investor, and philanthropist Steve Case is on a quest to “level the playing field” of opportunities for startups across the country. Armed with the belief that “anybody with an idea can create a company,” he is igniting creativity and driving innovation throughout America one pitch at a time. In 2016 Case became the bestselling author of “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future.”
American Essence
Tim Tebow:
Sports broadcaster and former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow is a force to reckon with. He made history in college football by winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and later led the Florida Gators to two BCS National Championships. In 2010 he established the Tim Tebow Foundation to help people in need. Those who have benefited include orphans, individuals with special and medical needs, and victims of human trafficking.

Be inspired by American greatness.

Save $60 Now (40% off)
$150 $90/year (6 issues)
*Full-price subscriptions are based on the retail price of $25 per issue. All magazine subscriptions will be renewed automatically. Cancel Anytime.
American Essence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is American Essence?

American Essence is a bimonthly magazine (6 issues) featuring the people, places, and influences that embody American ideals. It celebrates the everyday individuals who grow our food, run our small businesses, build our communities, raise families, and preserve the traditional culture that is the heart and soul of America.
When should I expect my first issue?

The estimated time of delivery varies depending on the month you place the order. You should receive your first issue two to twelve weeks after you subscribe. The publishing months each year are January, March, May, July, September, and November.
Do I get a free magazine subscription if I have a subscription to another product such as print, digital, or TV?

No. A subscription to American Essence is not included with other products. It must be ordered separately.